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Dear Client!

Rent a car - Ivan is one of the largest car rental companies in Kazakhstan.

Car rental in Almaty and Astana services of Rent a car - Ivan are represented in Almaty and Astana, and we are delighted to offer you and your company to rent cars found on our web-site.

Our company operates its services for longer than 4 years on the market. Our major clients are government bodies, business enterprises, foreign companies and private tourists. The rent fee covers driver’s insurance, full car service during the rental period.

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Should you wish to rent a car for one year we are ready to buy a car of your preference and favour.

Our park includes cars for any financial class of customer: starting with economy class up to VIP. No any car of our park has any our company logo labeled on car body and all cars are of presentable appearance. We offer flexible discounts depending on the rent duration. Car rental services Rent a car - Ivan offers you to deliver a car to any location of a town, to rail station and to the airport. If you are not keen in driving through the town we shall be delighted to offer you a GPS navigator that will lead you to the desired town location.

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Car rental services, details:

- Let’s determine the definitions. Car rental – what is it?

  • Let us determine the definitions. Legislative acts treat both word-combinations “Car rental” and “Car Leasing” as the same service name. Practically, “car rental” is more often used to work with private persons, while “car leasing” – with legal entities. Although, there is no difference how to call this service: rental or leasing. It is a question of taste.

- Driver free car rental service

  • Car rental service provided by Rent a car – Ivan company. We provide a proper car rental service in Astana and Almaty by competitive prices. Please go to Car Park Page to learn more about our car rental tariffs.